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Camera Rollers

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  1.  Dog House Roller

    Dog House Roller

    When your CCTV camera cable gets stuck in line, you need Dog House Roller to push down on the cable. Learn More
  2. Aluminum Roller Grill Manhole Safety Cover

    Lightweight Aluminum Manhole Safety Roller Grill & Hose Guide

    Aluminum Roller Grill Manhole Safety Cover for Video Inspection and Sewer Hose Cleaning Learn More
  3. Sewer Camera Roller

    Sewer Camera Roller

    Strong and lightweight CCTV Lower Cable Guide Learn More

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Sewer Cameras / Drain Inspection Cameras - TWO YEAR Warranty! The ONLY Field Reparable Camera on the Market


Sewer and Drain Inspection Equipment or CCTV also falls under Drain Cleaning Equipment since every plumber will have a sewer camera of some type on his truck. Our Sewer Cameras will also sometime be referred to as Sewer Cleaning Equipment but in reality they do not clean! They are only for inspection, so please do not try to clean a drain line with a camera as you could damage it. We offer the EZ-Cam Sewer Camera that is the only field reparable camera on the market! This sewer camera is very simple in how it is made but very advance when it comes to repair. You see every sewer camera will at some time need to be repaired. This is the most frustrating part of owning a camera. Why? Because you have to pack your camera up and ship it back to the manufacturer. This can at times take weeks and no plumber can afford not to have the camera ready to go every day.  Also this is very expensvie as the big boys like Ridgid and General charge a premium for repair. Our camera is different. Our Sewer Camera is a Chevy and not  Ferrari. You call us with the problem, and after doing some very simple trouble shooting, we send you out a new component part.  It will either be a camera head, camera spring, transmitter or a cable. Our sewer camera is the only camera in the complete drain cleaning equipment world that offers a 2 year warranty.  We also offer the Digital Receiver Wand, that will pick up the 512hz signal from the camera head for locating in any sewer or drain line up to 200 feet away. 

Sewer Cameras are usually classified into 2 groups, mainline cameras and plumbers cameras. Mainline cameras are for the city sewer lines that start at 6” and go to 36” and are maintained by the city or municipality. Plumber's cameras are for lines from 2” to 12” and are also called  push cameras. We Offer the EZ-Cam model PT-200 that is for lines from 3” to 12” size and up to 200 feet long. It comes equiped with: 

  • Color Camera with 6 built in LED lights and Protective Sapphire Lens 
  • 512 Hz Transmitter that can be used with any wand, 200-Ft Of Heavy-Duty Push Rod ½”
  • 7″ Portable Handheld Recordable Monitor, Recordable to SD Media
  • 180º Image Inversion
  • Voice Over, Cordless
  • Safe 12-Volt Operation   8 hour Battery life,
  • Heavy-Duty Wheels
  • Full-Size Powder Coated Aluminum Frame,
  • Centering Skid, Easy-Replaceable Modular Component
  • Two-Year No-Hassle Warranty,
  • Frame Size: 30″W x 14″D x 26″H, weight 42lbs 
  • Modular design ensures minimal downtime & easy owner repairs if /when necessary
  • Designed by a plumber for “real world applications”
  • Made in the USA from high quality materials
  • 2 Year warranty BEST in the industry!

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